Training programs designed for staff and stakeholders can expand your resources while supporting your marketing efforts.

Selena Barlow, Transit Marketing founder and principal consultant, is an experienced trainer in the areas of transit marketing, market research, service development and customer service. In addition to teaching experience in programs at University of the Pacific, Willamette University, Community Transportation Association of America and CalACT, she has created customized training programs for a variety of state and national transit associations.

Below is a sampling of training courses that Ms. Barlow offers. Please contact us for more information about these classes or to inquire about customizing a course for your organization.

Public Transportation Marketing

This full day workshop is an overview of basic marketing concepts and marketing strategies appropriate for small urban and rural communities. It stresses community-based marketing strategies which capitalize on transit’s role as a community service. The class is appropriate for transit professionals with varying levels of marketing knowledge from none to moderate.

The morning session focuses on the passenger experience and how transit systems can use customer service and communications strategies to enhance every aspect of the transit experience in order to build and retain a broader ridership base.

The afternoon session features a variety of community-based promotional strategies for attracting trial-and-repeat ridership, building community support and developing marketing partnerships.

Transit Market Research

Market research is an important tool for guiding transit planning and marketing decisions. While most transit professionals in rural systems have little education in market research, they are often charged with overseeing or even conducting research efforts. This workshop provides an overview of research techniques and how to use them effectively. It will allow transit managers to use research consultants more effectively and/or to conduct simple studies in house.

  • The role of market research in transit planning and marketing.
  • Overview of Market Research techniques – Qualitative, Quantitative and Secondary.
  • Implementing a Passenger Survey.
  • Implementing a Community Survey.
  • Using Executive Interviews or targeted surveys to research target markets.
  • Using Focus Groups to explore attitudes and concerns.
  • Using Market Research results to make better decisions.

Public Speaking – the Ultimate Low-Cost Marketing Tool

Public speaking is one of the most effective and lowest-cost marketing strategies available to small transit agencies. It can be used to increase ridership, build community support and solicit funding. Yet many transit professionals fail to use this powerful tool due to fear or simple lack of awareness. This full-day workshop addresses:

  • Why public speaking is so effective.
  • What public speaking can accomplish for a transit agency.
  • Who to speak to and how to solicit speaking opportunities.
  • Preparing an effective presentation.
  • Using tools like PowerPoint, videos and handouts effectively.
  • Tips for speaking with presence, overcoming nerves, and increasing impact.
  • Resources for learning to be a better speaker.

Participants have the opportunity to prepare and make a simple presentation followed by a constructive critique.

Effective Passenger Information Programs

For many small transit agencies, their passenger guide is their primary marketing tool, serving both to inform passengers and promote the service. As more and more potential transit riders turn to the Internet for information, an agency’s website is an equally important marketing tool. Yet many transit systems do not use these tools effectively. This workshop will provide participants with a sound basis for evaluating and upgrading their system’s passenger information programs.

  • Creating an effective passenger guide and using it as a marketing tool.
  • Designing a passenger-focused website that will turn potential riders into trial riders.
  • Providing information at the bus stop to enhance the passenger experience.

Customized Training

In addition, our team is prepared to work with you to develop other customized training programs in the areas of transit marketing, market research, service development or customer service. Some of the specific programs we have developed for other clients and conferences include:

  • Market Research, Service Planning and Marketing – A Triad for Building Transit Ridership (CalACT)
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience in Rural Transit (TRB Rural Transit Conference)
  • Perfecting the Customer Experience (CalACT)
  • Creating a Rural Transit Marketing Toolkit (TRB Rural Transit Conference)
  • Conducting an On-Board Passenger Survey (Oregon State Transit Conference)
  • Developing Effective Transit Guides (Arizona RTAP Program)
  • Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Transit Services (CalACT)
  • Community Transportation Marketing in the New Millennium (Community Transportation Association of America)
  • Marketing and Customer Service for Rural Transit Systems (North Carolina, Washington, Oregon and Arizona Departments of Transportation)
  • Strategic Marketing Plans: Beyond Advertising (APTA Marketing Conference, Washington State Transportation Conference and Transit Information Exchange)
  • Community-Based Marketing: A 12-Step Program for Transit Marketers (CalAct and Arizona Transit Association)
  • Marketing Transit to Discretionary Riders (Transit Information Exchange)
  • Passenger Surveys as a Tool for Improved Customer Service (Transit Information Exchange)