Targeted Ridership



Targeted Ridership

The most effective promotional strategies are those that target high- potential transit users with carefully customized appeals and information. Transit Marketing’s team can work with you to develop targeted ridership programs that generate trial-and-repeat ridership and broaden your customer base.


Ms. Barlow is experienced in identifying high-potential rider groups and developing targeted promotional programs to reach key market segments including commuters, seniors, students, tourists, etc.

Identifying Target Markets

The first step is to identify those target markets that are a good match for your transit services. Customers will only use a product that offers them a benefit – convenience, savings, enhanced mobility, reduced stress, psychological satisfaction. What target markets can benefit most from your service? Our team will help you answer that question effectively.

Marketing Partnerships

Often the best way to reach specific market segments is through a partnership with a community organization that is a “gatekeeper” for that population. Schools, colleges, social service agencies and employers can be important “salespeople” for transit. We will help you identify and connect with potential partners that can give you access to key target groups.

Customized Appeals and Information

Our team will combine market research data, our understanding of the transit customer and creative expertise to develop targeted promotional materials designed to get attention, engage the potential rider and generate trial ridership.

For samples of targeted ridership materials, click here and select TARGETED RIDERSHIP.