SACOG, Sacramento, CA

SACOG, Sacramento, CA

Transit Marketing conducted a survey of transit riders on seven systems within the Sacramento region, collecting information about nearly 17,000 riders. The survey was conducted in preparation for the implementation of the Connect Card fare payment system. A post-survey will be conducted in 2015.

While a common questionnaire and methodology were utilized, the project was treated as stand-alone surveys of each of the seven transit operators, which included:

  • Sacramento Regional Transit
  • ElĀ  Dorado Transit (Commuter Routes)
  • Elk Grove – e-tran
  • Folsom Stageline
  • Roseville Transit
  • Yolobus
  • Yuba-Sutter Transit

This insured that the data accurately reflected the regional ridership, but also provided sufficient detail to be used at the system level for Title VI compliance and planning purposes.

Data collected was exhaustively analyzed at the regional and system level providing demographic and usage profiles of riders; information about communication channels; satisfaction ratings; and detailed information about fare payment methods.