Passenger Information



Passenger Information

Fear and lack of understanding are significant barriers to the transit user. Effective, easy-to-understand guides, websites and signage are critical to building transit’s ridership base.

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Transit information is a critical part of the customer experience. Our team of information specialists combines technical expertise, design skills and an understanding of the transit rider to develop user-focused passenger guides, websites, signage and other information tools. Our experience allows us to combine first-rate function with an appealing design to insure that tools are both easy-to-use and engaging.   

Passenger Guides

For many small transit agencies, a passenger guide serves not only a critical information purpose but is also a primary promotional tool. Over the past 25 years, we have developed techniques for producing transit maps, schedules and passenger guides that are clear, accurate, easy to use and engaging for new riders.

Information at the Stop

The bus stop is the location where transit information is often most critical and most notably absent. We can develop bus stop signage, information panels, shelter displays and other passenger information systems that will give reinforcement to regular riders and encourage use among new riders.


We partner with Trillium Solutions to develop state-of-the art websites designed with a unique understanding of and focus on the transit customer. With features such as Google Trip Planners and interactive system maps, our websites engage new riders and make trying transit as easier experience.

On-Line Applications

Increasingly, transit riders utilize mobile devices as a source of transit information. Again, Transit Marketing partners with Trillium Solutions to integrate transit systems into Google Transit, provide real-time information to users and support other mobile applications that put transit information at the rider’s fingertips.